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1964 - Brent first plays his Fathers guitar. Unable to hold it proplery, he lays it down and plays it with a Butter
Knife like a slide.

1968 - Brents Father brings home Jerry Reeds album "Nashville Underground". This record ignites
Brents passion for Jerrys Reed and his style of playing.

1980 - Brent rivets a hole straight through his thumb nail. Brent packs up his guitar and heads for Nashville.

1983 - Gregg Galbraith helps Brent secure a regular gig at the stagecoach lounge in Nashville.

1985 - Chet Atkins, who has heard about Brent, comes to watch him play. About a month later, he brings
George Benson to see him.

1985 - Brent records with Chet Atkins, Mark Knofler, George Benson, Earl Klugh and many others on Chet's
'album Stay Tuned'. This is Brents first master session.

1987 - Brent records with Randy Travis for the first time. This is the start of his prolific career as a
session musician.

1996 - Hot Licks release 'Brent Mason Nashville Chops and Western Swing Guitar' instructional video.

1997 - Signed to Mercury, Brent records 'Hot Wired'. The album fast becomes the bench mark for
country / western swing guitar playing. The recording is nominated for a Grammy.

1999 - Brent teams up with fellow Nashville session musicians Ed Bayers Jr, Paul Franklin, John Hobbs
and Michael Rhodes to form 'The Players'.

2003 - Valley Arts Guitars release the Brent Mason Signature, a replica of Brents heavily modified 1968
Fender Telecaster.

2006 - Brent and Brother Randy record and release 'Smokin Section'. The album pays hommage to
the music they love and demonstrates to the world the Brents diversity as a guitar player.

2008 - Wampler Pedals release the "Hot Wired Overdrive / Distortion" pedal after 18 months working
with Brent to find 'the sound'.

2009 - Brent wins a Grammy, for best instrumental country recording with Brad Pailsey, James Burton,
Vince Gill, Albert Lee, John Jorgenson, Redd Volkaert and Steve Wariner.

2010 - Gibson/Valley Arts cease production of the BSM signature guitar.

2010 - Nashville is hit by the worst floods in living memory - Brent (and many other musician's) lose thousands
upon thousands of dollars of irreplaceble equipment in the floods.

2012 - Wampler Pedals release v2 of the Hot Wired pedal with a completely revoiced c1 to reflect Brent's
diversity of work.

2013 - PRS guitars release the Brent Mason signature guitar to wide critical aclaim.

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