Welcome to the video portal. We have collected some of our favourite videos from You Tube into one place for you to see...

The Podcast.
Previously some of it was only available via subscription, we can now bring these to you free of charge. Brain Wampler talks to Brent about his gear and his sound...

Brent Mason - Podcast 1 Brent Mason - Podcast 2 Brent Mason - Podcast 3 Brent Mason - Podcast 4 Brent Mason - Podcast 5 (link on video no longer exists)

A small collection of videos including CAAS 2009 (Jerry Reed tribute), Sol Philcox's 'Bargain Bucket Breakdown', and TV spots.

Europe 2009.
Footage of Brent performing in Germany, Summer 2009.

Live in Germany 2009 - Don't Try This At Home and extended Jam... Live in Germany 2009 - ...Extended Jam continued and Don't Try This At Home Ending. Live in Germany 2009 - Swing With A Sting. Live in Germany 2009 - Hot Wired Live in Germany 2009 - Brent invites Chris Kaufmanm to play 'Working Mans Blues'

The Players.
Selected songs from The Players 2004 DVD - Live In Nashville. Including songs that didn't make the final cut.

The Players, Live. Peter Frampton performs 'Lines On My Face' The Players, Live - Shawn Colvin. Vince Gill and Thom Flora with Harmonies. The Players, Live - Alan Jackson performs 'Blues Man'. Not on DVD. The Players, Live - Vince Gill sings 'Liza Jane' The Players, Live - Brent sings 'Lucky Man' The Players, Live - John sings '(When They) Lay me Down'
The Players, Live  'Don't Try This At Home' with Vince Gill

Other videos, mainly home recordings by fans, of The Players live.

The Players, Live 2009 - 'Geared Up' The Players, Live 2007 - 'Coal Train Boogie' The Players, Live 2007 - 'My Little Ballerina' The Players, Live 2007 - 'Hipping The Hop' The Players with Sol Philcox, Live 2009 - 'Shoe On The Other Foot' The Players with Sol Philcox, Live 2009 - 'Working Mans Blues'

Hot Wired.
Brent demo's the Hotwired. Also Brian Wampler plays extensively to show the tonal diversity of the pedal.

Brent Mason - Hot Wired pedal demo part1 Brent Mason - Hot Wired pedal demo part 2 Hot Wired Overdrive/Distortion pedal by Wampler Pedals

Valley Arts.
The offical video promo of the Brent mason signature guitar and 5 epidsodes of the Gibson Summer Jam 2007 where Brent demos the guitar...

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